How Targeted Ads Are Evolving in 2023

Targeted Ads

Did you know that the most important types of targeted ads include contextual targeting, behavioral targeting, geotargeting, and social media targeting?  In recent years, more businesses are choosing to create targeted ads in order to reach their desired audience. By using data and advanced algorithms, these ads deliver personalized messages to specific users.  If your business […]

The Differences Between Google Local Service Ads and Google Ads

There’s no shortage of statistics that support the inclusion of Google Ads into any great marketing strategy. For example, we know that paid ads can increase brand awareness by at least 80% and that the majority of searches for those ads occur on Google. If you’re like most people, you’ve likely heard of Google Ads […]

The Latest Google SEO Updates Explained

Google SEO Updates

Google uses over 200 ranking factors to rank websites. Not only that, but they are constantly updating their algorithm to help improve user experience. In short, it can be hard to keep up with all the latest Google SEO updates (especially when they seem to change every other day!).  If you’re a business owner, keeping […]

What Is the Website Development Process Like?

Each year in the United States, entrepreneurs start over 600,000 new businesses. Unfortunately, many businesses do not go on to become successful. Interestingly, not all businesses have high-quality websites. This is one of the most important factors that determine longevity. Although the stages of web development can be difficult to understand at first, website design […]

How to Design a Website Layout That Appeals to Users

There are roughly 1.58 billion websites in the world today. Of these, how do you make sure yours cuts through the noise? Well, with beautiful website design, of course! A well-designed website provides your business with credibility, not to mention it’ll keep online users around longer.  But how do you design effective website layouts? And what […]

The Reasons Why Responsive Website Design Is Critical for Your Business

In this day and age, most access the internet using their mobile devices. If your website doesn’t load properly on a phone or tablet, your target customers will go to your competitor’s websites instead. In fact, research has shown that over 75% of consumers today prefer using a mobile-friendly site. However, over 96% of users have […]

10 Signs Your Website Design Needs an Upgrade

What you Need To Know About Website Design

Is your website design outdated and in need of an upgrade? Web design is one of the most important aspects of any online business. A website that looks outdated or poorly designed can turn away potential customers and cost you money in the long run. Over 59% of consumers have stated that they prefer browsing […]

How to Understand and Expand Your Organic Traffic

There are now over 1.58 billion active websites online. With so much competition, you’ll need to find a way to generate organic traffic. Otherwise, your competitors might find ways to generate leads before you get the chance.  Understanding the current page traffic you’re generating can help you make more informed decisions regarding your marketing strategy. […]

Social Media Marketing Mistakes That Will Kill Your Brand Growth

Social Media Marketing Mistakes That Will Kill Your Brand Growth

4.48 billion people use social media every day. This means that as a business you’ve got an unlimited number of opportunities to market your services to consumers and intrigue them enough to want to know more.  Unfortunately, while most businesses stand to gain several advantages from social media marketing it also means there are a […]

The Small Business Guide: How to Measure Your Digital Marketing Metrics

2022 Digital Marketing Guide

A key marketing difficulty, according to 40% of marketers, is showing the ROI of their marketing operations. This is most likely related to metric measurement. There’s a lot you can focus on in digital marketing, but there’s also a lot you don’t need to focus on, which can be daunting. Furthermore, understanding how those who […]