A COVID-19 Message From Our President

“First of all, I want to extend my love and support to all of you during these incredibly scary and challenging times. I know for myself, this is a time where my family, friends, team, and community are keeping me going. While it has been so incredibly scary, I am feeling the love in my own life, and never wanted to help and support others more. I respect and support each other’s way of dealing with this, and understand everyone is dealing with this situation in their own way.

Currently, the Blissbranding Agency team is continuing to provide uninterrupted service by working remotely in a safe and secure environment. We are happy to report that we have been able to help 100% of our clients to temporarily shift their business models to offer online or appropriate social distancing business models. Our team is prepared to be here in support of our clients as we navigate through this crisis together.

I would like to extend an offer to the community of small businesses across America. If you are looking to transition your business model online, I would like to offer case-by-case discounted and ‘pay-later’ service options to HELP you through this. You CAN make a difference online, and you may be able to continue efforts digitally (and maybe not), but I will be offering free consulting calls to see if it is a possibility for you. I want to help you stay in business.

Stay safe, healthy, and as profitable as possible.”

Our Team Is Here For You During This Time

Mariah K - Blissbranding Agency

Meet Mariah K. 

Web SEO & Social Specialist

“So nice to meet you! My passion is helping clients’ websites rank for the keywords that are actually relevant within their industry and the NOW! I love social media algorithms, and understanding the human psychology behind building brands, and connecting with people online. I cannot wait to work with you!”

Sean B - Blissbranding Agency

Meet Sean B. 

Brand & Graphics Specialist

“I have always seen the world in color, not black and white. I love designing for businesses of all sizes, and I find happiness when a design speaks and no words are needed. Billboards, magazine, flyers, business cards, clothing, I will challenge my limits every time. If I have the pleasure of working with you, I hope to exceed your expectations!”

Umesh G - Blissbranding Agency

Meet Umesh G.

Web Development & SEO

“Since I was a teenager, I have loved to “code”.  Learning this language has and will always be a delight. Website development is a wonderful marriage of visual and structure…and when they make the perfect union…that is a win. Then comes SEO; the game that will have forever changing rules. Just my style! ”

Theo P - Blissbranding Agency

Meet Theo P.

Client Engagement Specialist

“The world is moving so quickly, so how do you capture a moment in time with your target audience? It can be through email, social media, a blog, ad,  your website, and even your text messages! I do my research, and then recommend and execute the smartest engagement strategies for our clients!”

Emily M. - Blissbranding Agency

Meet Emily M. 

Email Marketing Specialist

“I love content writing. On the side, I also love to make my own pottery, so finding a position in which I could use my “artistic” side is fabulous! Designing and writing emails and integrating them into analytics is what I love. Email marketing has, and will always be, an art. I cannot wait to work with your company’s account!”

Johnny L. - Blissbranding Agency

Meet Johnny L. 

PPC  Specialist

“Advertising in the right medium is critical to every brand. Each goal is different, and I find the joy in seeking out the best ROI for our clients. Whether it is Google, Facebook, or Pinterest (and beyond…), there are multiple opportunities to gain revenue and engagement. I am a numbers man, who likes great creative!”

What We Do

We grow brands – and we get results. We create unique experiences that attract, engage and convert new customers to your business – pairing inventive creative with proven digital strategies to build brand campaigns that work. We’re not the only agency with great creative, and social media strategies. There are plenty of talented people out there. We differentiate ourselves through our process and our partnerships with clients. We work hand in hand with clients, soliciting feedback and guiding them through the process each step of the way. And when we say “partnership” we mean it! We don’t limit our work to any single industry, and we don’t discriminate based on company size. We’ve worked with different clients across a variety of industries over the last decade, giving us a vast reservoir of experience and best practices that inform our approach to each new business.

We Understand You Don’t Know Us…So We Urge You To Read About Other Small Business Experiences With Us: Click Here

If you are ready to chat about your “new normal”, so are we!

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