Branding is all about building trust in your brand

Public Relations is really meant to build trust with your clients. They want to know who you are, and that you’ve been tested by someone besides themselves.

For example, if you would were referred to a restaurant, you want to make sure they have great reviews before you go. Same concept. Other resources referring your brand, and testimonials, make sure your brand is credible, and positioned as an industry authority.

Make your brand stand out by using major media logos

What makes you stand out from your competition? Media coverage…

We guarantee results.
Is being on TV, in the newspaper or on a media website going to make customers start knocking down your door? Probably not. But, when you take those media clips, use the network logos and share your quotes it adds credibility and helps make you the authority in your industry.

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I would like to start by saying that Samantha is wonderful. So easy to work with, and such a positive attitude. They built our website, and we utilize the Bliss Black package currently, but we wanted to get some media exposure. There is so much salon competition out there, we thought it would be worth. It was!!

Sam gets results quickly, and then even gives advice on how to use these logos. We print them on all of our fliers in Texas, and have even added them to our business cards. Thank you Bliss, and we highly recommend them to all our fellow small business owners!

Trini McMeen, Partner, On The Boulevard Salon and Spa

Which coach instantly has more credibility?
Who appears to be an expert or authority?

Be an industry authority

Our Public Relations Package will get you cited on all four major network TV websites, as well as hundreds of other sites, and you will be able to use their logos on your website and in all of your marketing.

Think about it, If you visit two different websites for the same type of business, and one of them has media logos with that business being quoted in the news, which one will you think is more credible and the authority in that industry? Simple. Branding with media increases your credibility which will increase your conversions.


The process is simple, but very successful.

    Media exposure helps with:

    • Making you the authority in your industry
    • Increased branding
    • Assumed credibility
    • Effective conversion strategy
    • Better search engine optimization (SEO)
    • Getting more media interviews
    • Increased revenue
    • More brand visibility
    • Viral social media content