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Where focus goes, energy flows. Blissbranding focuses on making sure your website is maintained. As your small business full website administration partner, we make sure your search ranking climbs, your website design is attracting the right prospect, the navigation of your website is correct, lead generation is happening, and we manage your blogging efforts.

Small businesses that are digitally connected are more successful.

Study compares businesses with no website, or low digital marketing campaign activity.

4x Experienced revenue growth that was nearly 4x as high

2x Earned 2x as much revenue per employee

3x Were almost 3x as likely to be creating jobs

6x Had employment growth that was more than 6x as high

Do you know how many quotes you need to give before a sale? Do you know how many sales you need to take your business to the next level? These are the questions you should ask so you can properly layout the best website design, that will match with your growth strategy.

Tips to make sure you have a well-performing website

Search Engine Optimization

Make sure search engines can find your website!

There are around 10 search engines that matter. Their names are household names like Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc. You want to get listed with them, because they take 98.5% of the web searches.

Why is linking important? Most search engines today work as “spiders”, crawling links on the internet. In other words, they read web pages, looking for links to other web pages. The more links they find to a web page the more important that page must be. There is often no need to submit your site to them if other people link to your site, because the spiders will follow them to you. If you don’t have other folks linking to your site, then submitting to the major search engines is still a good way to get the spiders started. There are two types of links. Inbound and outbound. Inbound links are from another site to you, and act like ‘votes’ for your site. Outbound links are from you to someone else, and act like votes for someone else – you don’t feel any benefit from it. If you have too many outbound links it might even negatively affect your ranking. So what you really want is for hundreds of people to voluntarily link to you. Depending on who you are and what your site contains, that probably won’t happen, so you’re going to have to arrange to make it happen!

Many people will be prepared to exchange links – they link to you in exchange for a link back. This is a good way to get your sites name out there, but ultimately you want one way links to you.

Is content really that important? The spider then reads the page, looking for keywords. You’ve probably heard a lot about putting keywords into your meta tags to get search engines to list you. You don’t need meta-tags to get listed with the main search engines. You need content on your page. If you do use meta-tags then you need to make sure they really match your content – otherwise search engines might get the idea that you’re trying to cheat.

The best way to get people to link to your site is to provide useful content. Articles for instance, like the one you’re reading now! Chances are you got to this site either through one of the 209,000 links to HTML Goodies (at the time of writing), or through a search engine which followed those links.


Capture Leads

Make sure there is a way to capture the identity of the visitor!

Does your website offer products or services in exchange for an email? Do you offer free guides, or the option to schedule a free educational webinar about your product or service? People are more willing to give their email in exchange for valuable educational content.


Website Flow

Your website should have a natural flow of where you want to lead your visitors.

Do not make it difficult for your visitors to find what you want them to find. If your most popular product is on the 39th page of your website, you are leaving sales on the table. Feature that product on the home page, create it’s own landing page, or even add it into your main navigation bar for a period of time.
The average person will not spend more that 1.8 seconds looking for the information they want. Design your website to be a wonderful path of discovery, and you will make money!



Your website cannot be too busy in today’s digital era.

Many companies are deleting unnecessary website elements from every page of their website. The trend is towards blogs that have no side bars, and white space is a plus!

When you deliver a wonderful experience to someone that is not crowded, and easy to read, you will make more money, and/or get more website traffic. Guaranteed.


Marketing Functionality

Are your messages clear, and aligning with your strategy?

When your visitor knows what you want, it will help them make a decision. Do not dance around the price, do not try to content-overload the explanation of why you are better than the next. If you keep it simple, navigators will tell you what they want.

Look at your Google Analytics, and let it tell you where visitors are going, what free guides they are downloading, and which videos they are watching. When you find out, make them easier to find.



Who wants to sit around and write a blog these days, but even if you are updating it once a month, that is going to help the search engines find you.

A blog just stands for “web-log”. It’s just a page that you can upload information on yourself, and it scrolls down in chronological order. You can try to post testimonials on that page, anything that you have learned in your business that you think would be really helpful to the customer…even if it is just a few seconds. Some of the best posts are the ones that are stories of a situation a current customer ran into, and how it was rectified. Anything that will benefit your customers is great information.

You do not have to be a great writer, people enjoy conversational writing. It is so important to have it on your site, because a website that gets updated often gets found by search engines.


Google Analytics

A wonderful way to analyze your website traffic! A free code that is added to your site so you can login to your Google analytics profile, and study your audience

Website traffic analytics will include statistics like how many people have visited your website in the last month, what part of the country they are in, and if they were on a desktop or mobile device. You are now able to make informed decision about your website design.

For example, if you have gotten 1000 people to your website, but only 10 have signed up for your offer, you can now “tweak” different components of your website so your visitors will feel more comfortable giving their information. Google analytics will let you drill down to each page, and see where and when people are leaving, and if they have interacted with different components of your website.

Google analytics will also allow you to see the “flow” of traffic. They start on your home page, and then jump to your about us page, and then end up on your Gallery page…and then they leave your site. Is that the correct flow of visitor traffic you want? if not, you can now change the path of information.


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